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Overview of electric bakeware

Time:2014-10-22 00:00:00

      The electric grill is a modern and popular smoke-free non-stick grilling equipment. It also has multiple uses such as flat-pan fried rice, veneer, and fried steak dumplings. It is not limited to a single purpose for grilling, but can also be used to make lamb skewers. , Barbecue, etc. An electric baking pan, which includes a pan body, an electric heating element, an electric heating element rack, a socket, a thermostat, a temperature layer and a bottom plate, and is characterized in that an electric heating element rack is arranged in the pan body, and the electric heating element is installed on the electric heating element rack On the upper side, a tray coated with a non-stick coating is set above the electric heating element. Among them, the electric bakeware is popular because it has no oily smoke and no pollution to the product.

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