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Matters needing attention when using electric baking pan

Time:2014-10-22 12:00:00

Warning: The machine must not be washed directly with water

1. Where there is no power lead wire with a plug, it should be connected to an all-pole disconnecting device with a contact distance of at least 3mm installed at a fixed position by the user. The rated current of the disconnect device should be greater than or equal to 35A. Because of the high power of this product, please be sure to choose a thicker wire to introduce the power supply, generally 2.24mm in diameter and copper core wire connection.

2. There are four plastic spray plating legs in the box, please install them before use.

3. There is an M8 grounding rose behind the box. Please connect the ground wire firmly before using the electric heating pan. Please cut off the main power supply of the electric heating pan after use.

4. The electric heating pan should not be burnt in the air for a long time, and the continuous working time of the electric heating pan shall not exceed 24 hours.

5. The operator should not stay away from the electric heating pan when in use, and do not allow underage children to approach the electric heating pan in use.

6. Do not use electric heating pans around flammable and explosive materials and in humid places. It is strictly prohibited to use it in the open air or in the rain.

7. If the power cord is damaged, to avoid exemption, please contact the company's maintenance department for replacement (Note: You must ask an electrician to replace it yourself)

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